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Howdy dear fellow traveller and welcome to YinRu and Roman’s travel blog. Blessed and lucky enough, we are able to fulfill our dream and travel around the world for half a year (yes, around the WORLD, like making a circle, or in our case a huge V-shape, around the entire globe in one trip). We’ve made this site for our families, friends, as a keepsake for ourselves and everyone else who wants to get jealous and daydream our current life. Here’s a rough guide to our intended itinerary over six months from Feb to July 2015 including 15 main flight segments covering approximately 42’000 kilometers travelled by air only:

While planning our route we mainly focused on countries which can hardly be visited within the given few weeks of annual leave while working. Thus the idea of stopping by in Australia, New Zealand and some pacific islands including Hawaii arose pretty fast. Since overwhleming chinese lunar new year’s taking place in February (a certain madame sure wants to attend) and around-the-world-tickets are usually restricted to either travel east -or westbound only, two asian destinations will mark the first weeks of our trip while a visit to south west america will perfect our journey by summer 2015.

Cheers to health, happiness and strong Swiss Francs! Stay tuned!


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  1. WOW, eure Beiträge und Fotos sind ein Wahnsinn. Weiter so … 🙂 Liebe Grüße aus Singapur Laura & Michi

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